First day in Art 110!

Hi, my name is Sara Kodesh and this is my third year here at csulb as a fashion merchandising major, so naturally I adore all things beautiful and full if emotion. I am super excited to be a part of this class.

Today I not only got to discover some gorgeous buildings I did not yet know about but I was also overwhelmed with emotion in many of the pieces held within the buildings.
My utmost favorite that literally took my breath away is the piece entitled “Time Piece”. By Anna Knecht Schwarzer. In this time lapse she uses eyeliner to mark her chest for every rape that is occurring per hour in just the u.s. At 24 hours later her body is covered in smudged eyeliner marking that turn her skin a coal color. Representative if the triad giddy that is rape. A tragedy that our society poorly interprets and prevents.




In short I found this piece to be tragic, deep yet informative of the reality of this issue in our society.

Also! In art 110 today I interviewed Sam. An 18 year old freshman forming here in long beach. He is a lifeguard and he very much enjoys swimming but mostly in pools not in the ocean. For the remainder of the class we chit chatted about school and all of the awesomeness that this beautiful campus has to offer. It was very exciting for me to be able to give someone advice. Sometimes it’s easy to forget how much knowledge we can all share with each other. Anyways his favorite piece was the “James Franco” poster .on this poster a poster was James franks all of his body but missing his head. Where the head was cut off there was meat. Sort of like the meat you buy pre packaged from the market. It kind of represented how we see celebrities or movie stars as a piece of meat, something to drool over and enjoy, rather than an actual human being with a story and personality and interests. It’s pretty amazing what Photoshop can do.