9/25 – Identity art

For this assignment i was really timid because it is beyond out of my comfort zone. So i went with something simple. generally for day wear i wear little makeup just because i am usually in a rush and have a busy day ahead of me. So for this project i went a little bit over board on my daily makeup routine. I wore a very dark red lipstick, excessive blush and a lot, A LOT of shiny eye make up. I looked like i was going out for a night on the town all the while dressed in a simple dress. That being said i went to the mall and asked a couple of random people around me if they could guess what profession i am going to school for. First i got cosmetology and then i also got Fashion, i asked why and the woman said i looked like i was trying to hard.It was awkward.  The third person i asked said he couldn’t guess that i just looked like i was ready for a night out.

It was an interesting assignment that pushed me out of my comfort zone but was still a little fun.


9/25 artist interview: Mike Lewis

For this class it usually takes me a few moments to choose what piece of art really means something to me but not for this particular day. I walked into the gallery and immediately stumbled across Lewis’s : Regarding Residency piece. The artist found this image on flicker. It is an image that is originally from the white house national archives. And apparently at times people who work in the archives share these images on popular social media sites to get them around to people, because very rarely do people just browse the archives for fun or when searching for images. Anyways, what he focused on where the comments posted in response to the posting of this picture. For the most part the comments were so ignorant. It was interesting to see all these almost childish comments that adults had to say about the image. Most of the comments were just people arguing with one another and calling each other stupid. Others were sexist comments. zIm not sure exactly what direction the artist was going but it was definitely an eye catching piece that gets you thinking . IMG_5069 IMG_5067 IMG_5068 IMG_5071 IMG_5070

9/25- Classmate Interview: Abigail Garcia

This Thursday in class I interviewed my classmate Abigail. Abigail is a Sophomore here at CSULB and studies psychology.  A fun fact about abigail is that she works in our school library! She found out about the library hiring students during a job fair held on our campus. Abigail is 19 and commutes daily to get to school. She lives in Los Angeles and spends a lot of time driving back and forth. We learned that we both really love dogs especially small ones! She has two small dogs chico and chuvi. IMG_5064

Week 4 activity 9/18

The plaster project.

This was such a fun project to work on, a quick trip down Ocean Blvd to Cherry Beach was a mini adventure in itself.

After digging a series of holes that were quickly destroyed by high tide my boyfriend and i were able to create one perfect hole for our plaster cast. leaving a fist in the sand and after some intense packing of wet sand we were ready to go. We filled in our hole in the sand and 30 minutes later voila! It was fun and easy, some parts of the sand did not hold up but others actually resemble clenched fingers and a thumb. It was really a fun experience and hopefully we got a little tanner at the same time. 🙂

Initially i used the “time lapse ” feature on the new iPhone update to capture the process but currently wordpress does not allow me to post the file format 😦


9/18- Artist Interview- Maccabee Shelley

Today was probably one of my favorite artist interviews thus far. All of the pieces this artist showcased were a treat for the eye and it was absolutely impossible to choose just one, so i took pictures of all of them. Upon first glance you ask yourself “What the hell?” but then… you listen to the artist describe these blobs of colorful glass and plastic and you realize that something that is “nothing” in particular is actually a lot of awesome things combined. Shelley described these pieces as cultural, the glass and plastic bottles he melted down into amazing shapes and forms are a huge part of history, innovations for their time.

Shelley melts these down and describes it as him being able to create a shape but at the same time the combination of materials makes its own shape, different every single time. the end product is a combination dangerous and at the same time fragile materials, in some places opaque and in others completely transparent.

IMG_4887 IMG_4888 IMG_4884 IMG_4885

9/18 – classmate interview-Oscar

Today in art class I interviewed Oscar. Oscar is currently a sociology major and has a minor in marketing. He is originally from Los Angeles but for now he lives in long beach. He’s 21 and he enjoys going out and hanging out with friends. He currently works as a barber and he says its a job that doesn’t feel like a job. If you think about t being a barber is a form of art in its own way too! He is also part of a sorority here at Csulb. And he says that his favorite part of campus is the laid back people and atmosphere. He enjoys living in long beach.

Artist interview 9/11:Patricia Rangal

In art 110 today I was finally able to interview an actual artist. This was very exiting and a new experience for me. I walked into the gallery and could smell dirt. This was interesting. I saw this geometric dirt shape lying in the center of the room. I loved the clean lines that Rangal was able to create with such a difficult medium. As I interviewed her about what inspired such and interesting piece she enlightened us by telling us how she finds dirt in interesting places. Such as while driving and seeing dirt on the side of the road and pulling out her shovel. The dirt she used for this project is from the Valley where she is from. From her own backyard, her grandparents orchard or even the first. She traces shaped from maps and recreates them on a smaller scale. In this case she uses plywood to mold the form of the valley’s shape on the map then on the spot compacts the different types of dirt she’s collected. And voila. I enjoyed this piece because it was very real. All of the senses were touched. Sight smell thought was all provoked with this detailed piece.