9/2 Artist Interview

In Art today I wandered into a gallery and was immediately pulled in by a really interesting piece.
The piece is by Noé Gaytán.
In this piece he experiments with a technique he had learned in art school: Screen printing. He literally mixed different paint colors and screen printed them onto paper and then hung them up on the wall.
All if these dollar bills add up to what his tuition will be when he is done with school. The idea is that all of the prints are visual representations of his debt. Which is like many, many other students. Debt is a serious thing to contemplate when getting an education. Will our degrees be “worth” it and pat off all of our accumulated debt.
For example I was drawn to this piece because you can visually see this money. Most if it is printed in red which gives the sense of urgency. Urgency to make money, urgency to be debt free so that one can move up in their lives.





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