Artist interview 9/11:Patricia Rangal

In art 110 today I was finally able to interview an actual artist. This was very exiting and a new experience for me. I walked into the gallery and could smell dirt. This was interesting. I saw this geometric dirt shape lying in the center of the room. I loved the clean lines that Rangal was able to create with such a difficult medium. As I interviewed her about what inspired such and interesting piece she enlightened us by telling us how she finds dirt in interesting places. Such as while driving and seeing dirt on the side of the road and pulling out her shovel. The dirt she used for this project is from the Valley where she is from. From her own backyard, her grandparents orchard or even the first. She traces shaped from maps and recreates them on a smaller scale. In this case she uses plywood to mold the form of the valley’s shape on the map then on the spot compacts the different types of dirt she’s collected. And voila. I enjoyed this piece because it was very real. All of the senses were touched. Sight smell thought was all provoked with this detailed piece.



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