9/25 artist interview: Mike Lewis

For this class it usually takes me a few moments to choose what piece of art really means something to me but not for this particular day. I walked into the gallery and immediately stumbled across Lewis’s : Regarding Residency piece. The artist found this image on flicker. It is an image that is originally from the white house national archives. And apparently at times people who work in the archives share these images on popular social media sites to get them around to people, because very rarely do people just browse the archives for fun or when searching for images. Anyways, what he focused on where the comments posted in response to the posting of this picture. For the most part the comments were so ignorant. It was interesting to see all these almost childish comments that adults had to say about the image. Most of the comments were just people arguing with one another and calling each other stupid. Others were sexist comments. zIm not sure exactly what direction the artist was going but it was definitely an eye catching piece that gets you thinking . IMG_5069 IMG_5067 IMG_5068 IMG_5071 IMG_5070


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