9/25 – Identity art

For this assignment i was really timid because it is beyond out of my comfort zone. So i went with something simple. generally for day wear i wear little makeup just because i am usually in a rush and have a busy day ahead of me. So for this project i went a little bit over board on my daily makeup routine. I wore a very dark red lipstick, excessive blush and a lot, A LOT of shiny eye make up. I looked like i was going out for a night on the town all the while dressed in a simple dress. That being said i went to the mall and asked a couple of random people around me if they could guess what profession i am going to school for. First i got cosmetology and then i also got Fashion, i asked why and the woman said i looked like i was trying to hard.It was awkward.  The third person i asked said he couldn’t guess that i just looked like i was ready for a night out.

It was an interesting assignment that pushed me out of my comfort zone but was still a little fun.


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