Sunset Blvd, LA

i spent this glorious sunny Saturday on an adventure through LA. After being patient through traffic I arrived at a restaurant on sunset blvd called Pink Taco. I had been wanting to go to this place for quite a while and i finally had the free time to do it! when you first walk in it looks like your average mexican bar/restaurant but much fancier. outdoor seating was super cute and there were miniature cactuses everywhere, adorable. The walls on the inside of the restaurant are covered in Latino art. A lot of it looks like drawings and printed photos plastered onto the walls, other walls have gorgeous hand painted patterns in vibrant colors. my favorite pieces were the shrines created in cut outs in the walls. they features catholic saints and had morn days prints plastered on the walls behind them. I feel that in a sense it was very imbedded with the Latino culture that is found in Los Angeles. IMG_5516 IMG_5514 IMG_5515



As a fashion major i have a love for all things creative. Everything from drawings to magazine clippings pasted into collages inspire me. As a Fashion major i have used mediums such as Instagram and Facebook to create a sort of “style blog”. I’m going to take it to the next level and begin using blogging as a medium for presenting the beauty I find in every day life!

Art 110 artist interview

Out of all of the pieces I saw this Thursday in the galleries I fell in love with this one particular piece. It is a drawing of an animal that looks like an elk. I fell in love with the intricate lines that fill the lines of the piece. Each line is sharp and precise. The placement is key because it draws your eyes in. The lines are extremely sharp and if you pay very close attention the lines almost create a spiral effect. I really enjoyed this artists work and how something that from afar can look so simple is actually so full of detail.


10/16 classmate interview. Anna

In art 110 this thursday I met Anna. It’s Anna’s freshman year here at Csulb. She is a pre nursing major who loves to draw! Anna showed me some of hw magazines that she creates for her friends and they are so awesome. They are there own works of art. She mixes mediums like magazine clippings and then designs around them. She has two siblings and she is very creative!


10/9 – classmate interview

In art today I interviewed fellow student Runato Muralles. He is a nineteen year old freshman who commutes to school from Hawthorne. He is currently a linguistics major but he will very likely be changing his major. His goal after graduation is to find a stable career. He hopes to end up somewhere in business. He is the youngest of two older siblings and he likes to play gold and soccer! Runato, like myself is Guatemalan which is a very exciting discovery because we both have family that is from around the same area and it is not very often that you find this. We discussed the trips that we had taken to Guatemala and he told me that he lived there until he was seven. We talked about how different the U.S. Is compared to Guatemala.


10/4 French Girls

French girls is a super fun and creative application that you can download onto your phone or iPad. You get to anonymously post selfies and then someone in turn, anonymously, draws you. It’s fun because some of the artist are extremely talented and others are so bad you can’t help but laugh.
My drawings of selfies were so terrible. But I enjoyed using this app and I don’t see myself stopping anytime soon!




10/2- artist exhibition: Labyrinth.

This exceptionally interesting set of pieces titled labyrinth is eye catching and even startling. When you first enter the gala you see a goat like animal made of a material that almost looks like styrofoam. Across the room in what looks like puddles made of salt you see a white body shape in the center aside of it a salt puddle hiding an antler. This exhibit features individual pieces that work together as a collaboration that thus creates a story with a common theme. The one that I liked the most was the puddles. I do not know what material was used, although the thing that comes to mind is styrofoam or salt. As the viewer you can see the fragments of each individual artists work and how together, yet separately they are able to make the viewers mind work in a way that they don’t quite understand.