Week 10- Artist Interview: Angel Chang

This week in art 110 i entered the gallery and honestly, had a really difficult time choosing a piece. Each piece was so different, and actually they were all weird. But weird to me is good because weird is unique and its your own vie if other people don’t understand it. I had a difficult time figuring out what i thought and felt about a lot of the pieces. But the one piece that did really stand out to me was one that was neatly placed on the one, a segment of painted rectangles that together created a big picture. When i investigated further i saw that it was all individual pieces that were colored in various gray toned colors these rectangles worked as individuals to create a story. When i learned that the piece was called “journals” i figured out more so what i felt the work meant. it was a series of journal pages. And when you read or create a journal you are reading individual pieces of one big story, someones life.




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