Week 10- Landscapes with a Corpse

This week our assignment was to do photography. We gathered our inspiration from the photographer Izima Kaoru who creates photographs based on scenarios that revolve around death. I think this is very interesting especially because in the video we watched in class he admits to being very afraid of the idea of dying. I suppose this is a way for him to face his own fears.

I too, decided to face one of my own fears through this assignment. Personally, I am very afraid of car accidents or even being hit by a car. So, since halloween was so close i happened to have some costume makeup handy. i drew on some blood coming out of my mouth and ii threw myself underneath my moms car. I staged my death as being hit by a car. My brother photographed this for me and I’m pretty sure that he enjoyed watching me do this project more so than I did. IMG_5885


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