Week 12 activity feedback

My three favorite activities this semester:
1. Plaster casting
2.french girls
3. Landscapes
I really loved the plaster casting project it was so fun and hands on. This was my top choice. I also really liked the French girls app. I now am … Addicted. The landscapes was a trip also I really had fun doing that project.

Three least favorite activities:
1.counterfactual identity

That’s it! I didn’t like counterfactual identity. Only because I felt really silly and embarrassed. I think it’s more just because I was out of my comfort zone and that made it difficult for me to enjoy the project.

Other than that I really enjoyed this class, it was an escape from the regular stressful school day when I got to go into the gallery and get lost in the art work. I never even knew we had a gallery so for me I feel like I appreciate our campus a little more knowing that they feature the work of so many students in the galleries.


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