Week 14 artist interview

In class today I entered the exhibit to find something that really related to what i love to do, fashion and style. I was inclined to write my post on this gallery because it visually was appealing to me and it is in my field. all of the delicatley crafted pieces drew me in and they were each one small part of a larger story. the gown that was hand crafted onto a mannequin was my all time favorite. It was soft and delicate and crafted in a manner that gave you a nostalgic feeling. Hyeri Kim did an excellent job in creating a story that is romantic and spiritual. Her inspiration to create whiz warm nostalgic feel was the love that she feels from God. She believes that marriage and love is what God gives us. I really enjoyed the way that she was able to present this concept that she felt in such a romantic way without directly referencing god in her work, this was interesting to me.







Week 14 Kelsey Aparicio

Today in class i got to meet Kelsey. She is currently a sophomore at caulb and is a kinesiology major. One thing that we had in common is that we both love watching the television show american horror story. Out of the three seasons her s and my favorite is the very first season. The more we talked I learned that she’s planning on changing her major to leadership with. Minor InPsychology.