Week 11 artist interview

This week there was one piece that I enjoyed looking at the most. I went through all of the galleries and I liked a lot of the work from all the artists but the drawings by Romina Del Castillo especially caught my attention. Each piece had its own story but the piece that had me coming back was of a woman sitting in a corner on a chair. This drawing had some sadness in it or even some seriousness. I felt like it really spoke to me. One of the key elements that caught my eye was the lamp. When I first moved to California I lived in my grandmas house and the lamps that she loved resembled the ones in this photo, it just helped me relate to the piece as something from my personal life. A lot of her drawings had black and white and then pops of color but i enjoyed the black and white and grey in this piece.




Week 11 class mate interview

Today in class I interviewed Chelien Nouchee Kue. Chelien is a freshman here at cal state long beach. She is currently a pre nursing major and this is her first year in college. Chelien has 2 brother and 2 sisters so she comes from a big family. Some of the things we had in common were different foods that we enjoy eating. We both love to eat Korean BBQ and love to eat Thai food ! Chelien had a pet chicken once. We walked through the galleries and enjoyed this weeks interesting art and had a really good time !


Week 10- Artist Interview: Angel Chang

This week in art 110 i entered the gallery and honestly, had a really difficult time choosing a piece. Each piece was so different, and actually they were all weird. But weird to me is good because weird is unique and its your own vie if other people don’t understand it. I had a difficult time figuring out what i thought and felt about a lot of the pieces. But the one piece that did really stand out to me was one that was neatly placed on the one, a segment of painted rectangles that together created a big picture. When i investigated further i saw that it was all individual pieces that were colored in various gray toned colors these rectangles worked as individuals to create a story. When i learned that the piece was called “journals” i figured out more so what i felt the work meant. it was a series of journal pages. And when you read or create a journal you are reading individual pieces of one big story, someones life.



Week 10- Landscapes with a Corpse

This week our assignment was to do photography. We gathered our inspiration from the photographer Izima Kaoru who creates photographs based on scenarios that revolve around death. I think this is very interesting especially because in the video we watched in class he admits to being very afraid of the idea of dying. I suppose this is a way for him to face his own fears.

I too, decided to face one of my own fears through this assignment. Personally, I am very afraid of car accidents or even being hit by a car. So, since halloween was so close i happened to have some costume makeup handy. i drew on some blood coming out of my mouth and ii threw myself underneath my moms car. I staged my death as being hit by a car. My brother photographed this for me and I’m pretty sure that he enjoyed watching me do this project more so than I did.¬†IMG_5885

Artist interview 10/29

In class on Thursday I met Sarra, she is a sophomore and she is a child development major. It was an interesting conversation because we both share the exact same name just with different spellings. We also had really similar outfits on so that was kind of interesting too. In class we walked through the exhibitions and talked about all of the interesting pieces there were to choose from this class. We liked a lot of similar pieces including the cube that is made out of pennies!



Sunset Blvd, LA

i spent this glorious sunny Saturday on an adventure through LA. After being patient through traffic I arrived at a restaurant on sunset blvd called Pink Taco. I had been wanting to go to this place for quite a while and i finally had the free time to do it! when you first walk in it looks like your average mexican bar/restaurant but much fancier. outdoor seating was super cute and there were miniature cactuses everywhere, adorable. The walls on the inside of the restaurant are covered in Latino art. A lot of it looks like drawings and printed photos plastered onto the walls, other walls have gorgeous hand painted patterns in vibrant colors. my favorite pieces were the shrines created in cut outs in the walls. they features catholic saints and had morn days prints plastered on the walls behind them. I feel that in a sense it was very imbedded with the Latino culture that is found in Los Angeles. IMG_5516 IMG_5514 IMG_5515


As a fashion major i have a love for all things creative. Everything from drawings to magazine clippings pasted into collages inspire me. As a Fashion major i have used mediums such as Instagram and Facebook to create a sort of “style blog”. I’m going to take it to the next level and begin using blogging as a medium for presenting the beauty I find in every day life!