Week 14 artist interview

In class today I entered the exhibit to find something that really related to what i love to do, fashion and style. I was inclined to write my post on this gallery because it visually was appealing to me and it is in my field. all of the delicatley crafted pieces drew me in and they were each one small part of a larger story. the gown that was hand crafted onto a mannequin was my all time favorite. It was soft and delicate and crafted in a manner that gave you a nostalgic feeling. Hyeri Kim did an excellent job in creating a story that is romantic and spiritual. Her inspiration to create whiz warm nostalgic feel was the love that she feels from God. She believes that marriage and love is what God gives us. I really enjoyed the way that she was able to present this concept that she felt in such a romantic way without directly referencing god in her work, this was interesting to me.







Week 14 Kelsey Aparicio

Today in class i got to meet Kelsey. She is currently a sophomore at caulb and is a kinesiology major. One thing that we had in common is that we both love watching the television show american horror story. Out of the three seasons her s and my favorite is the very first season. The more we talked I learned that she’s planning on changing her major to leadership with. Minor InPsychology.


Week 13 artist interview Jeff Dula

This week in art the gatov east and west gallery was filled with amazing paintings and drawings. When I walked I. I couldn’t choose a favorite but the more I analyzed the painting by Jeff Dula the more in love I fell with it. The colors are work cozy. There is so much detail in this work it was truly incredible. The piece is oil on canvas and not only is their immense detail but the texture of the paint on canvas adds so much to the piece. I liked that the painting isn’t exactly realistic. It’s like a dream world version of a landscape where everything is a little weird. Anyways I really really enjoyed this piece of work and I wish I could keep it for my self! Continue reading

Week 13- classmate interview

In class today I got to interview Angelica Camacho. She is a sophomore. She is currently undeclared but she will soon be declaring her major in international studies with a minor in journalism. She sees her self blogging in the future. Angelica currently works at knots berry farm and she is looking into getting a disney pass! How ironic. She also loves to travel and her most recent travel was a trip to San Diego for a weekend with her boyfriend.
She looks forward to graduating and someday starting her own family! She likes to watch Netflix, and like myself she loves the show Orange is the new black!


Week 12 activity feedback

My three favorite activities this semester:
1. Plaster casting
2.french girls
3. Landscapes
I really loved the plaster casting project it was so fun and hands on. This was my top choice. I also really liked the French girls app. I now am … Addicted. The landscapes was a trip also I really had fun doing that project.

Three least favorite activities:
1.counterfactual identity

That’s it! I didn’t like counterfactual identity. Only because I felt really silly and embarrassed. I think it’s more just because I was out of my comfort zone and that made it difficult for me to enjoy the project.

Other than that I really enjoyed this class, it was an escape from the regular stressful school day when I got to go into the gallery and get lost in the art work. I never even knew we had a gallery so for me I feel like I appreciate our campus a little more knowing that they feature the work of so many students in the galleries.

Week 12 artist interview

Wen I walked into the #gatov-west today I was really impressed. On the floor in a plus sign shape were individual round white plates places with extreme care. The plates were all hand made and the project represents a collaboration of different individuals creating art. It also represents the artists belief that art is a creation of beauty time and community to create a final project. The actual plates took almost a year to create and were used in a celebration event. I liked that the most about the project because the plates served more than just one purpose.



Week 12 – classmate interview

In class today I interviewed Corrine Sampson. She is majoring in dance science. I thought this was extremely interesting. Because I had never imagined such a major might exist. But it was pretty awesome and it indeed involves a lot of science. Corrine has been dancing since she was four years old and she still continues to love to dance. Although she loves dancing she has sustained injuries because of it and it will not allow her to dance as she would like to. So this lead her to the science part of her major. She wants to help dancers with therapy and healing. Which is an amazing career choice.